Our School Facilities

Security Measures With CCTV Cameras, Fire Extinguishers, Security Guards etc..


We offer an academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programme that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding.

Class Room

Each classroom houses a large area and is designed such that every student gets the teacher's maximum individual attention. There are many classrooms for regular teaching alone and a number of other rooms like the Audio-Visual rooms and Resource rooms to facilitate better learning. Well-ventilated with huge windows, they offer the right atmosphere for learning. The white boards and bulletin boards placed at vantage points, make learning easier and interesting. The strength of each class is kept at a manageable level and comfortable furniture adds to the ambience of the classroom.

Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum at National Public School, Indiranagar, Bangalore. The state-of the art computer laboratory with 100 systems is very popular among the students. Students are trained to learn the latest software applications and programming languages. Highly qualified teachers impart the knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age. A dedicated broadband Internet connection in the lab provides Internet access to source websites for educational materials. Computer sessions and Internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions.

Audio-Visual Rooms

The audio-visual room is extensively used by the faculty and students to make presentations. To ensure long-term retention of what is taught, the school uses Power Point presentations and the Smart Board to hone student skills and encourage student-teacher interactions. Computer Aided teaching sessions hold a special place at NPS, Indiranagar, which give our students the winning edge in a competitive world. Students have the pleasure of learning various topics with the help of computers. A research-oriented approach is encouraged and frequent analysis of projects helps students to orient themselves with the rapidly changing requirements of the world outside.

Health and Physical Activity
Chess Yoga Karate Music & Dance Classes